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The life of Joander Santos, his biography and career

Joander Santos (Santos Joander) was born in a religious Catholic family of musicians and grew up singing in the Church. In those same years, he learned to play various musical instruments piano, drums, flute, until I finally chose the guitar.

Santos's professional career began when he enrolled in one of the most prestigious conservatories in Latin America Carlos de Campos. Now Lender one of the most prominent singers and guitarists, composers of Brazil. The rhythms and lyrics Samba Bossa Nova, Joander Santos continues a half century tradition of elegant and romantic Brazilian jazz, which even back in the 50s laid the great Antonio Carlos Jobim and joão Gilberto.

Music Joander Santos takes us back to those years when one of the most recognizable songs in the world "Girl From Ipanema" was spreading from each of the radio, and Bossa Nova became the music of the most expensive coastal areas of Rio de Janeiro and the entire Brazil. A characteristic feature of the style, as in the time of the founding fathers of Bossa Nova, is a combination of soft male voices (plays are performed in Portuguese and English), supported by the accompaniment of the guitar. In addition to the traditional Bossa Nova, the musician also performs his own music in the style of contemporary jazz.

Parallel working session musician in various jazz groups, and theatre, Joander gathered his own group and released their first album. In subsequent years, he and his band performed regularly at the best clubs and venues of Brazil, participated in international contests and festivals, and toured in Latin America, Europe and Africa.

Joander Santos Quartet